Buying a home in Clarksville TN

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Buying a home in Clarksville TN

How To Buy Clarksville Real Estate The Right Way


Now is a great time to buy a home. Whether you have bought in the past or you are a first time home buyer you can get a great rate on your mortgage plus have ample inventory to choose from.

This is extremely important and probably one of the first things you will want to do before you even get pre-approved. Don't let the lender bring up anything you are not aware of. Get informed on all your income, debts, assets and liabilities before sitting down with a lender.

Once you know and are comfortable with your finances, sit down with a lender. This could be your bank, a mortgage broker or private investor to discuss how much home you really can afford.

Watching the news and hearing the horror stories and depressing tales of how bad the economy and the housing market is can be discouraging. But this is only a national average and housing in your area may be different. Get to know your market by checking the local newspapers, finding how long homes are on the market for, and for what they are selling. Our agents know first hand the Clarksville real estate market and can help with all communities and neighborhoods in the Montgomery County area.

A few years ago buyers were bidding over and above the list price on a home just to guarantee the sale. Now buyers have time to research the home, the neighborhood and inspect the home more carefully. Do so by hiring a well-qualified inspector and weighing all your options before purchasing.

Now is a great time to buy and sellers are offering incentives for purchasing. You may even find sellers to owner finance the home. First-time buyers can receive up thomes for sale in clarksville tno $8000 in credit back on their 2009  taxes and lenders are offering 3% down.

Give us a call today or start your search online now. We are your Clarksville TN real estate professionals.