8 Spring Cleaning tips for selling your home

Spring is in the air along with the hottest season in real estate. Now, we have all heard that being messy is a sign of creativity; but that is not what we’re trying to portray when we’re listing, showing, and selling our house!  Besides removing personal items, packing, and all around decluttering - here’s some commonly overlooked tips to get that fresh look, feel, and smell in your home.

Wash windows & mirrors. It has been touted as the most important, but also falls to the bottom of most of our to-do lists. Best to do in the morning or on an overcast day - if it is too bright the heat can cause your cleaner to dry quickly and leave streaks. While we’re here, don’t forget those sliding glass door and window tracks. Loosen dirt with a toothbrush, then finish up with your vacuum.

Speaking of vacuums! You don’t want to be knocking stuff off of your spring cleaning list, only to be spreading that funky vacuum smell around your house! Be adamant about emptying your dust cup after every room, and washing your filters after every use or even anytime you’re taking a break long enough for them to dry.

Have you ever noticed something about neat and tidy houses? They don’t store or keep anything on the floor. This is a big one that I have had to come to terms with in my own home. There was that fad for a while to keep baskets or decorative boxes full of yarn or knick knacks, but floor space is far more valuable when potential buyers are walking through your home.

Clean Floors! Sometimes it seems the most daunting and perhaps unnecessary task is shampooing all the rugs and carpets. It may seem like we’re constantly sweeping, swiffering, and vacuuming; but somehow the dirt still makes it into the carpets. Once you’ve dragged the equipment out and  then remember how easy it is, you’ll thank yourself! For some extra pointers - see this article by HomeAdvisor https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/carpet-cleaning-pros-cons/

A quick one that’s easy to get done while accomplishing other tasks, is putting all your curtains , drapes, and pillows through the dryer. According to Good Housekeeping https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/g3345/spring-cleaning-tips/?slide=20 , 15 minutes on the “air-only” cycle will make all the difference. Add a dryer sheet for a fresh scent, then quickly rehang to avoid any wrinkles.

Cleaning cabinet fronts and handles is another important and overlooked one. Running your oven hood fan everytime you cook can alleviate some of the settling grease. But that mix of dust of grease buildup needs more regular attention. A good degreaser is going to make this job much easier on your elbows. Don’t forget all your knobs and light switches while you’re at it.

Ceilings! Once the sun starts shining through - this is the time to hit these newly highlighted spots. Realtor.com https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/spring-cleaning-secrets-to-reduce-allergens-at-home/ says dust and pollen can collect in these often overlooked areas. So grab your vacuum and a damp microfiber cloth to attack all light fixtures, upper molding, tops of trim pieces, rafters, and bookshelves.

A change in season, should also mean a change for your closet. Having a couple simple guidelines will practically do all the work for you. Pack away all your winter weather gear, donate anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t think you’ll wear again, toss whatever is too torn or stained to be used by another. Suddenly, your closet is easy to navigate, again.

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